On this page, you can download any of our current policies. These policies form the structure of the Trust, and the Championships it operates. If you have any questions or comments, you can get in contact with us via email.

Declaration of Trust Declaration of Trust
A declaration of trust is the most important document and sets out who are the JTC Trustees, and how they are expected to operate and act. The JTC Trust is the governing body for the Junior Touch Championships

Statement of Affiliation Statement of Affiliation
This is a very brief document, stating the JTC’s affiliation to the Federation of International Touch.

Code of Conduct Code of Conduct
A Code of Conduct is a set of rule outlining the social expectations, rules, ethical and moral practice for all those involved in the Junior Touch Championships and its governing Trust.

Development Plan Development Plan

A development plan shows where the JTC is headed, why and how we seek to achieve this.

Protecting Young People Policy Protecting Young People Policy

Guidance Notes Guidance Notes

Recognising Abuse Recognising Abuse

Poor Practice Recognising Abuse

This document covers the safeguarding of children and young people participating in the JTC.

Qualification Policy Eligibility Criteria

This policy sets out the requirements for eligibility. It also provides clarifications on gender.

Member Nation Eligibility  Member Nation Eligibility

This small but important policy sets out that a participating nation must be affiliated to the Federation.

Referee Selection Refere Selection

This document sets out how the JTC Trust makes its referee selections for each tournament.

Judiciary Procedures Judicary Procedures

This policy sets out the framework for the Judiciary.

Exemption Policy Exemption Policy

This document provides NTAs with guidance on making an exemption, and the guidelines which the JTC will use to assess the application. You will also find included a Risk Assessment template.

Fundraising Ethics Fundraising Ethics
The JTC Trust will carry out fundraising in order to achieve its objectives. This document sets out how it will go about fundraising ethically.

Use of Social Media Use of Social Media
The use of social media is an important part of spreading the word about Touch, but there are rules and guidelines on how this should be carried out. The policy goes further to introduce safe practice for users on the Junior Touch Championships social media pages.

Referee Provision  Referee Provision

This policy is currently published in draft format, and will be a live and enforced policy on the 1st day of January 2018.

Use of Personal Information  Use of Personal Information

This policy states what data we collect, and how we use it. For more information about the Data Protection Act 1988, you can visit the UK Government's Legislation website.

Policy Quality Assurance    Quality Assuranc

This document is a record of updates.

Note: Policies are reviewed once a year prior to the JTC Trust AGM. The AGM usually takes place at the JTC.