The Junior Touch Championships is owned and operated by the JTC Trust, which was set up to serve NTAs. Being a 'charitable organisation' brings with it some important benefits, including our ability to seek funds from the EU, as well as our ability to claim Gift Aid. There are rules and regulations on where and who we can spend this money on.


The Junior Touch Championships was created to fill a gap in the Touch development structure in Europe.In addition to the Open divisions, there were more and more senior divisions being added to the Touch championships but no development pathway for players to gain experience prior to qualifying for the Open teams

A group of experienced and respected Touch administrators created a small tournament in 2014 to run immediately prior to the European Championships in Swansea.

The tournament had just 6 mixed teams from England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland and Wales and was organised alongside the Touch Europe Junior Referee Academy.This proved worthwhile as it created a number of quality new young referees.The tournament was a massive success with the final being played as part of the opening ceremony to the European Touch Championships and in front of a full grandstand

In 2015, we saw the introduction of a Girls and Boys division, and 14 teams took part, including one from the Middle East. We even had a referee fly in from South Africa. A great tournament put on by the England Touch Association in Nottingham which really built on the foundations laid a year earlier

The JTC 2016 was held in Arnhem and we had 24 teams, including 8 new Mixed 15 teams. We had one of the best referee crews ever with 6 full time referee coaches.

The tournament is now fully established as part of the Touch calendar and has led to a number of national level junior championships.The benefit to European Touch Associations is clear to see in the ages of players in the Open squads comes down.

The JTC will be held in Dublin, Ireland in 2017 will be the largest junior tournament in Europe to date.


           The aims and objectives of the JTC Trust are for the public benefit of young people so that they can participate in an annual international Touch event. The event acts as a regular focal point to introduce young people to the sport of Touch in a culturally diverse environment; regardless of their origin, social status, gender, and sporting aptitude.

Furthermore, it provides national governing bodies with a pathway for the retention and further development of young people in the sport of Touch; coaching opportunities for those involved with youth development and a mechanism to introduce young people to refereeing.

The JTC Trust hopes to provide the means for young people to have access to local coaching, training, skill development, inclusion and competition by providing expense relief and links to existing expertise. It will assist National Touch Associations as best it can to provide access to the sport for young people. The Trust will attempt to carry out fundraising and applications for grants and disseminate as required in order to achieve this objective.

  1. Promote participation in the sport of Touch in a safe and secure environment.
  2. Provide a platform for young people to create and maintain healthy active lifestyles.
  3. Inspire and motivate individuals, with a vision to improve their schooling through sporting interest.
  4. Provide a yearly Touch sporting event for young people.
  5. Ensure equal team and referee access and involvement for young people.
  6. Help to provide key focus on fitness and wellbeing.
  7. Support the growth of Touch and help to provide the means of access to sport.
  8. Foster Federation of International Touch member inter-regional cooperation.
  9. Provide a platform for developing leadership and forging cultural exchange.
  10. Celebrate ethnic diversity.

Our objectives in full can be found within the Declaration of Trust in our policies section.