From time to time the JTC Trust will carry out Fundraising activities in alignment with its aims and objectives. The Trust will always carry out fundraising ethically, and you can read through all these principles on the policies page, Fundraising Ethics.

The JTC Trust will advertise current fundraising activities on this page, as well as its social media pages. It will every so often carry out raffles, which you can get involved in to win great prizes.

We are currently working on applying to the European Union for funding under its Sport Event directives, but we can also apply for funding on National Touch Association’s behalf from governments. We have already applied to gain key development funding from Sport Wales, Sport England and Sport Scotland to directly help their Junior Touch squads.



Although the JTC Trust do a lot of fundraising, there’s nothing stopping you from organising your own events. You must however make sure that the event is in line with the Trust’s aims and objectives. You must also write to the Trust giving a very brief outline of the proposal. This is because what you do and how you fundraise directly represents the JTC Trust and its core objectives.

The most popular way of fundraising is by holding events such as dinners, award ceremonies, or participating in fun runs, like the 5 and 10 km.

Any ideas for fundraising are welcome and you can get in contact with us via our Contact Us page.